Standby Option 

We do not maintain a “cancellation list”. Standby is the best option for getting in sooner if you have a priority cat.

What is a standby spot?

Standby spots are reserved  spots for walk-ins. Here at the clinic, our typical capacity for any given day we are open is fifty cats. Forty of those spots are open for clients to make appointments, but we always reserve up to 10 spots for standby or walk in cats.

Why do we have standby appointments?

Although all cats, tame and free-roaming, can benefit from our standby appointments, the intent of the program is to allow for flexibility in scheduling because of the unpredictable nature of trapping free-roaming cats. Please note that free-roaming cats, or those suspected of being pregnant, are given priority over others.


How do I use the standby option?

Standby spots are ONLY available on days when the clinic is open. Please view our calendar below to determine which days are available. If a day is marked "Private Clinic", we will not be accepting any non-feral standby appointments on that day. On the day of your choosing, you may bring a cat(s) in without an appointment. All cats, including cats that are admitted using our standby option, must arrive during the allotted check in time, 7:00am. While we make every attempt to make sure your cat receives surgery that day, it is not guaranteed. Those cats who are feral or suspected of being pregnant are given priority over others.

Please read the "Things to Know About the Day of your Appointment" section on our Book an Appointment page and our Clinic Policies before using our clinic. Feral/Free-roaming cats on standby always have priority. Tame/pet cats that come in on standby will have surgery as long as the clinic is not over capacity for that day. If the clinic is over capacity and a tame/pet cat does not receive surgery, our staff will work with the cat(s) owner or guardian to get them in to the clinic as soon possible.

Clinic Calendar

Updated every Wednesday. For questions please email

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