Our Clinic Model

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Ten years of experience, decisions, mistakes, growth, failures and successes are wrapped into this section that details Our Clinic Model. When we started, existing programs provided us with protocols and systems that enabled us to start without reinventing the wheel. We owe them great thanks.

But over time, we grew from monthly clinics to four clinic days per week. We entered new territory and forged our own paths. Now we invite you to expand your programs. Learn from our experiences. See how we reached our goal to increase access to efficient and economical high volume, high quality spay/neuter. No need for you to reinvent the wheel. We want you to attain your goals now.

Our Clinic Model is divided into several sections:

How to run Your own Clinic

A quick look at some of the basics of how our clinic operates:

Clinic Station Flow

Progress through each clinic station, step by step, from Check In to Check Out, and understand the reasoning behind the design of our protocols and procedures:

Instructions for Specific Procedures

Clear instructions, photos and videos of many procedures used at our clinic with explanations ofthe reasoning behind the procedures used at our clinic:

Clinic Policies & Forms

Use our forms or adapt them to suit your needs:

Clinic Equipment & Supplies

Discover what types, brands and costs of supplies and equipment we use as well as where to buy them:

Information for Veterinarians

When was the last time you had fun doing spays? Pediatric spays are safe, fast, easy and inexpensive. With knowledge, instruction and practice, improve the quality and efficiency of all of your spays and neuters:


Read position statements and professional journal articles to be fully apprised of pediatric spay/neuter and trap-neuter-return. With our videos, photographs and Cost Saving Practices each in one location, we provide an easy way to gain more understanding of all aspects of Our Clinic Model.