Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project may be coming to a location near you!

About our Transportation Program

FCSNP now offers FREE transportation for feline patients to and from our high-volume, high-quality spay and neuter clinic. Our staff schedules appointments over the phone or by email for our set location pick-ups. This service is for feral/free-roaming and tame/pet cats.

All of our patients are safely driven to our clinic by our dedicated staff in our brand new, climate controlled van. Once at our clinic in Lynnwood, WA, cats receive surgery and any requested services we offer. After safely recovering from anesthesia, they are driven back to the same location and returned to their guardians and owners.  


Appointments are required for our transportation van. To schedule an appointment, please call 425-673-2287 or send us an e-mail.


There are no residency restrictions. We currently hold pick-up locations in:

  • Burien
  • Sultan

More locations coming soon! For updates on our Transportation Van pickups, please visit our Facebook page

Things to Know about the Day of Transport

  • Drop-off and pick-up times will be set by staff when you make your appointment. Cats will always be returned to their owners/guardians the same day as surgery.
  • All cats must be in a hard plastic carrier or a trap, that is safe and secure, one cat per carrier or trap.
  • Please be aware that although all cats should have access to water until the time of their appointment, adult cats should have food withdrawn after 10pm the night before surgery. Kittens, 6 months or younger, may have a small amount of food prior to drop off.

Please see our appointments page for more information regarding pricing and additional services we offer at the time of surgery.