Feral Cat Project Leadership

JASON THOMPSON | Executive Director

Jason joined Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project in July, 2014. Since 2003, he has dedicated his professional career to animal welfare, most notably specializing in feline shelter and rescue work.

To complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Central Michigan University, Jason moved to the Pacific Northwest to intern with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, where he was assigned to the agency’s Western Pond Turtle Restoration Project, working daily in the Columbia River Gorge. 

After completing his internship, Jason remained in the Northwest, working for the Willamette Humane Society as Cattery Lead and held the position of veterinary technician at the Seattle Humane Society.

In 2006, he transitioned to Shelter Manager of MEOW Cat Rescue, where he worked for eight years. He found his passion working with cats and discovered a unique ability to help those cats that are dealing with behavior issues.

Jason is excited about and committed to FCSNP’s mission of saving lives through spay and neuter. He has worked closely with FCSNP for many years while with MEOW and looks forward to the opportunity to guide FCSNP’s future. 

In his spare time, he and his wife, Lauren, can be found with their two black cats, Dora and Penélope, both rescued from shelters in Washington.

DR. MERRISS WATERS | Medical Director

Dr. Waters received her veterinary degree with honors from the University of California at Davis. She completed an internship at PetCare, a specialty hospital in CA, and continued working there as an ER/ICU vet for a year after her internship. She fell in love with the Pacific Northwest on her many outdoors pursuits in the area and moved up from CA to work at Seattle Veterinary Specialists in 2009.

Her flexible ER/ICU schedule allowed her to volunteer her time at multiple non-profits including Compassion Without Borders, Sonoma Humane, NOAH, Animal Balance, and Coalition Humane. She has remained in Seattle since 2009, except for a stint in CA working for the wonderful Spay Neuter Project Los Angeles. After leaving SVS, she pursued her dream and moved into animal welfare full time at Seattle Humane where she most recently held the title of Lead Veterinarian and Head of the WSU Student Program.

Dr. Waters is currently pursuing her Masters in Shelter Medicine through the University of Florida Maddie’s Fund program. She sits on the board of directors for Animal Balance, a non-profit promoting humane sterilization of dogs and cats internationally. Her true passions include animals, teaching, learning, mountain biking, backpacking, snow boarding, yoga, and cooking. Her most recent achievement is becoming Zeuterin certified. Currently, Dr. Waters lives in Seattle with her husband and two shelter dogs.

DR. JENNIFER BUCHANAN | Lead Veterinarian

Jennifer Mills Buchanan grew up on a cattle ranch in southern Oregon near Klamath Falls. Her love of animals is deeply rooted in her upbringing in a close-knit rural community. Active in 4-H and FFA throughout her childhood, her vocation was apparent to everyone but her until she decided to take a veterinary assistant job during high school. After that experience, she was hooked. She pursued a B.S. in Health Sciences at Oregon Institute of Technology before heading to Corvallis, Oregon to become a veterinarian.

Dr. Buchanan graduated from Oregon State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010 and jumped into shelter medicine with both feet! She began as a staff veterinarian at the Seattle Humane Society (SHS) of Bellevue/King County after graduation working with cats, dogs and pocket pets. While with SHS, Dr. Buchanan worked to improve the quality of care of pets both in the shelter and in foster (including fostering numerous pets herself).

During her 5 years at SHS, Jennifer pursued additional training in high volume/high quality spay and neuter surgical techniques enabling her to alter as many cats as possible to help reduce the homeless pet population. Her interest and dedication to community cat care and TNR emerged from her close interactions with local caregivers and owners needing resources for the cats in their care. Since coming to FCSNP as the lead veterinarian in October 2015, Dr. Buchanan has embraced the philosophy of high quality TNR and hopes to continue learning and teaching through our mentorship program.

Outside of the hospital, Dr. Buchanan enjoys raising her two small children on her hobby farm and hopes to learn how to brew her own beer in 2016. Her hobbies include hiking, bicycling, reading, writing and martial arts. She is also working on her application for the Masters degree program in Shelter Medicine through the University of Florida.

EMILY SCOFIELD | Clinic Manager

Emily Scofield began her work in veterinary medicine as an undergraduate. She worked with a large animal veterinarian for approximately 2.5 years, mostly working on hobby farms (e.g., pet goats, horses, llamas, miniatures) and with dairy cows. Although Emily very much enjoyed her work in large animal medicine, she learned that many animals in the world were underrepresented and under-served and she wanted to do something about it. Emily decided to dedicate herself to helping create a more compassionate and humane world for all animals and went on to pursue this passion.

Thus began her career in sheltering, at a small and wonderful shelter called the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire. Though the organization had modest financial resources, the small staff and large outstanding volunteer work force provided the animals there with the highest levels of respect, care and placement available. Animal Rescue League’s Outreach Department (1.5 staff members) worked year-round to find a solution for the feral cat population in New Hampshire. It was in this capacity that Emily learned the power of the volunteer and that feral cats were one of the most vulnerable and misunderstood populations of all domestic animals.

Since moving back to the Pacific Northwest, Emily has been employed as the Lead Unlicensed Technician at Seattle Humane Society (SHS). There, she manages the volunteer team in Veterinary Services as well as leads 4th year veterinary students through their two-week surgery and shelter medicine rotation. As a member of the SHS leadership team, Emily worked hard to develop the surgical and medicine programs, continuing to strive for the best possible practices for the animals we serve. Emily is deeply passionate about high-volume, high-quality spay neuter resources and volunteer program development.

In her spare time, Emily and her family enjoy hiking, gardening, woodworking and renovating her old house. She also volunteers internationally to help homeless pets worldwide with organizations dedicated to providing HQHVSN services. Emily and her husband share their home with two adopted dogs, Scarlet and Dede, and one very special cat, Lightning. They also regularly host foster kittens needing special medical attention or socialization.


JENNA HARBURG| Donation and Outreach Manager

Jenna Harburg grew up in Seattle and later Edmonds, where she was partially raised by cats. Her first word was “kitty,” so she’s confident she’s in the right field. She grew up around animals of all kinds, and spent years in 4-H showing draft horses. She attended university in Hawaii and Norway, and has her undergraduate degree in history and archaeology.

Jenna comes to FCSNP with a background in arts nonprofits, where she has worked in everything from web design to art handling. She looks forward to sharing this diverse background with FCSNP.

Outside of the office, she enjoys hiking, knitting, and historical reenactment. She lives in Mill Creek with her fiancé and their rescue cat, Persephone.

RITA LAFUZE | Clinic Technician

For many years, Rita LaFuze has rescued homeless cats, many with kittens that eventually were homed. Rita began her career in the veterinary medical world in the 1990’s at a private feline practice in Edmonds. Her keen perception of cat behavior and her deep compassion for all living things led her to become highly trained as a veterinary assistant.

Rita not only has experience with robust pet cats, but also worked many hours caring for intensively ill cats from all types of disease: cancer, renal failure, poisoning, infections. Her knowledge base is broad, yet her compassion never wanes. Each cat’s life is valuable and deserves the best care in her hands. FCSNP was lucky to add Rita to our team in 2006.


EUDORA ROACH-HAWKES | Clinic Technician

Eudora has had an affinity for animals since she was a child growing up in Spokane.  In 2007, she moved to New York to volunteer at Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit organization providing shelter to neglected and abused farm animals.  After two months of volunteering, she was hired on full time as an Animal Caregiver.  In this position she became familiar with working alongside both large animals (sheep, goats, cattle, and pigs) and small animals (rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese).  

In 2010, Eudora returned to Washington, and started calling Seattle home.  For several years she was the lead assistant in a feline-only veterinary practice on Capitol Hill.  Eventually, she wanted to return to non-profit work, and after volunteering with FCSNP for four years, was hired as an employee at the end of 2016.  

When not working, Eudora and her partner, Shane, can be found hunting for treasures at a thrift stores around the PNW, or at home with their two cats Rizzo and Hammy.


LINDSAY CARVALHO | Clinic Administrative Assistant

Lindsay joined the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project in 2018. After spending 6 years in human welfare and administrative support, Lindsay is thrilled to pursue her childhood dream of working with animals!

Originally from Massachusetts, Lindsay moved to Seattle in 2008 to earn her Masters in Sociology from the University of Washington. After graduate school, she worked with adults with developmental and physical disabilities from 2012-2014. Those experiences honed a love for working with underserved communities, serving others with dignity, and making a positive impact in others’ lives.  

Lindsay went on to become an administrator at two local tech companies from 2014 to early 2018. She greatly enjoyed supporting those organizations but realized she wanted to serve a mission and population she was deeply passionate about.  

Lindsay began volunteering with local organizations Doney Memorial Pet Clinic, MEOW Cat Rescue, and PAWS in autumn of 2017. She quickly fell in love with and decided to dedicate her career to animal welfare. Working as the Clinic Administrative Assistant at Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project let’s her put her administrative skills to good use, learn about veterinary medicine, and serve cats as well as the people who love them.   

When not working, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her husband Matt and two rescue cats Malachi and Keziah. Her hobbies include gaming, crocheting, and collecting crow/raven-themed art. Yup, her house looks real spooky.


CHARLOTTE BRATHWAITE | Transportation Clinic Assistant

Charlotte is a veterinary technician with over four years of experience. Her passion lies in specialty and emergency medicine, specifically in the surgery department. Charlotte has developed the skills to be a well rounded technician through her relief work in high volume spay/neuter and general practice clinics. 

After receiving her BA from The University in South Florida , Charlotte obtained her Associates of Veterinary Technology from St. Pete College. She is currently certified in Florida and is licensed in Washington. From a very young age she dreamed of working with animals or medicine but never dreamed that they would come to fruition in this capacity.

Although her roots lie in the Cayman Islands and Florida, she loves the Pacific Northwest. In her free time, Charlotte loves to go on hikes with Porkchop and Oreo, her dog and cat combo. She also enjoys having play dates, curling up to a good book and discovering new music. 

Board of Directors

DR. SANDY WILLIS | President

Dr. Sandy Willis completed her veterinary degree at the University of California, Davis. She received additional training in small animal internal medicine at the University of Minnesota as an intern and at the University of Saskatchewan as a resident. She consults with veterinarians across the Pacific Northwest on all aspects of medicine in dogs and cats as a board certified small animal internist with Phoenix Central Lab in Mukilteo. Phoenix Central Lab is one of the few privately owned veterinary labs in the United States. Dr. Willis also gives seminars and wetlabs on diagnostic testing to veterinary staff and speaks at major veterinary meetings on how to communicate diagnostic testing and complicated medical problems to pet owners. She is passionate about supporting the bond that people have with their pets through a partnership with the family veterinarian and specialist when needed.

Dr. Willis is past president of the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association, current chair of their annual conference and serves as the Washington State representative to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). She recently joined the board of the Puget Sound Veterinary Medical Association to help sustain an association that works to bring veterinarians together for education and camaraderie and to provide a resource to the public.

Dr. Willis joined the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project as Board President in 2009 at the invitation of founder Dr. Christine Wilford. The two have remained friends and colleagues over the years. Dr. Willis has been honored and delighted to serve an organization that focuses on the cats and the people who care for them. She is proud of the work both board and staff members—old and new—have accomplished and all of the dedicated work volunteers have contributed to grow the organization.

For Dr. Willis, leadership means empowering other people to rise to their potential and getting out of their way to let them shine. Dr. Willis has been owned by cats all of her life. Currently, she serves as staff for Lilly the Himalayan, Giselle the Oriental Longhair and Micki and Fii, recently adopted young kitties by way of MEOW Cat Rescue. They were both free roaming and altered by the FCNSP. Dr. Willis’ hobbies include swimming and cycling, the arts, wine appreciation and reading, the latter two hobbies preferably enjoyed with one of her aforementioned cats.

VICKI FARRETTA | Vice President

Vicki has worked in management for Swedish Edmonds Hospital for the past 5 years. She started her career as an Animal Health Technician where she worked in several emergency veterinary hospitals as well as a small animal clinic. She then went to work at Cats Exclusive Veterinary Hospital where she truly learned the ins and outs of feline healthcare and became forever dedicated to cats.

In 1998, Vicki joined the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project as a volunteer and has since contributed her time and skills in different aspects of the clinic. She has worked in the different stations of the clinic, including anesthesia, surgical prep, check-in and recovery. Vicki became a board member in 2010 to offer her voice on behalf of the trappers in the area.

In 2001, she turned to TNVR as her primary focus after seeing a small ball of fluff sitting curbside within 3 feet from traffic! She asked for a mentor to help her learn the ropes and has brought many cats into the clinic since. Vicki believes in the ‘one cat at a time’ mission and is committed to improving the lives of free roaming cats.

Vicki currently lives amongst her feral born cats, two of which were her first foster kittens, now 17. She learned quickly that keeping them ALL was not going to work and determined that she would only add those cats in need of Veterinary care. Each has a personality unlike the rest and that’s what she finds so fascinating in this world of felines.

Vicki was instrumental in helping to form the group Community Cat Coalition of WA, a grassroots effort that has pulled together many aspects of trapping and rescue to enrich the lives of cats in the state, by members helping one another to create many more opportunities for trappers and foster parents for cats.

In the past year, Vicki has co-managed a growing Facebook group that teaches TNVR, rescue and advocacy of community cats worldwide. She finds it very interesting to see how many resources there are in WA State as compared to many other areas around the country. Vicki enjoys helping to lend solutions to the problems many people face in their dedication to helping cats everywhere.


Julia Jakubowski is the lead teller at the Holman Road branch in Seattle, WA.  She holds a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of California at Davis.  She has worked in the financial industry since 2012.  

Born in New Milford, Connecticut, Julia moved to Los Alamos, NM when she was 12.  Julia’s love of the natural world started early.  She grew up swimming in the ocean, camping, and visiting national parks across the country.  She enjoys hiking in the Pacific NW and loves sharing her passion about the marine environment through her volunteer work at the Seattle Aquarium.  Volunteering in her community is important to Julia and she is always willing to lend a helping hand to organizations in need.  

Julia first learned about Feral Cat Spay Neuter Project through her coworker, Lucia Glasper and her first opportunity to help FCSNP was baking desserts for their annual Spayghetti event.  Since then she has made desserts for other events as well as assisted at the Sexless Soiree.  She is excited to have the opportunity to bring her financial expertise to FCSNP as its Board Treasurer


Katherine has been a senior HR director for over 30 years with experience in several industries including healthcare and insurance.  Her background includes significant experience in employee relations, worker’s compensation, strategic planning, recruitment and selection as well as wage and hour matters. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics from Oregon State University.

She and her husband Tom have two feral rescues named Figaro and Steely Dan as well as a Bernese Mountain dog named Smokey Bear.  They have been supporters of the Feral Cat Spayand Neuter Project for over 5 years being enticed in to assisting with socializing kittens by her then colleague Vicki Faretta.


  • Christine Wilford, DVM
  • Daniel Smith, Attorney, Law Offices of Daniel Smith
  • J.A. Woodfield, DVM, ACVIM, Northwest Cardiology
  • Janet Fagan, Artist
  • Jeri A Hastava, Technical Advisor, Leap of Faith Web Design
  • Julie Levy, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, College of Veterinary Medicine,
  • University of Florida
  • Rick Hall
  • Virginia Dalton, Seattle Animal Control
  • Jennifer Hillman, Vice President, Outreach & Engagement, The Humane Society of the U.S.
  • Lea Lucky, Manager, Animal Relocation, ASPCA