More volunteers offering their time and talents equals more cats saved. It’s that simple.


Thank you for considering a volunteer position with Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project and for being a part of the compassionate solution to end feline homelessness.

Volunteers are the backbone of our program. Without them, the FCSNP couldn’t help a single cat. We rely very heavily on volunteers to represent our organization and spread the word about our work. Our clinic volunteers are equally vital, working beside our staff each day. Our successful model program has improved the lives of over 100,000 cats since 1997. Whether someone generously gives six days a year or one day a week, every bit helps us help more cats.

For more information and to get started as a volunteer, please complete our online Volunteer Application Form or email


As a Clinic Volunteer, you will be working closely with the veterinary technicians and veterinarians to ensure the success of our in-house high volume, high quality surgery program. We perform surgery in our Lynnwood Clinic Sundays through Wednesdays. All clinic volunteer shifts start in the morning and end in the early afternoon and have direct contact with anesthetized feline patients. Here are the three main clinic volunteer assignments that you can choose to do:

Monitoring Volunteers - working alongside our staff, Monitoring Volunteers have the critical role of ensuring the safe recovery of our feline patients. Volunteers also work to ensure that all cats have clean and safe carriers to go home in.

Surgery Pack Volunteers - learn how to clean, sort, identify and organize surgical instrumentation, before they wrap and sterilize them for the doctors to use in the operating room. In this position, volunteers observe and assist in the flow of the clinic by providing our doctors with the sterile instrumentation they need to perform thousands of feline spay procedures. 

Surgery Prep Volunteers - assist the Clinic Technician by performing surgical preparation on feline patients. This includes shaving and scrubbing surgical sites, and some basic monitoring. Additional duties include assisting clinic staff with some basic cleaning duties such as, sweeping and mopping the floors.

Transportation Clinic Volunteers - for early risers! Alongside a staff member, assist with driving to pick-up locations, checking-in and labeling cats, and ensuring their safe arrival to the Lynnwood clinic for surgery. This is a fun and unique opportunity to be out in the field assisting with cats and people in need.

Check-In/Check-Out Volunteers - assist staff and visitors to the clinic by providing information about our services and post-surgical care. This includes moving cats (in their carriers and traps) in and out of the clinic. This is a good opportunity for those seeking a shorter shift or whose availability is outside normal clinic hours and does provide quality time with cats and cat lovers.

In addition to Clinic volunteers, FCSNP has Outreach volunteers, Special Events volunteers, Coin Can monitors, Administrative and Craft volunteers.

Outreach Volunteers - speak to the public about what we do and how we can help, promote volunteer opportunities, collect donations, and sell fundraising merchandise

Special Events Volunteers - tasks depend on the event, but can include: set-up, clean-up, selling raffle tickets, offering drinks & appetizers, running the Beverage Bling Fling or Dessert Dash, bussing tables, advertising and PR, or procuring auction items, desserts or sponsorships

Coin Can Monitors - monitor a coin box(es) around the Puget Sound region, pick-up donations on a regular basis, write a check to FCSNP for total received and send check to clinic with coin can receipt for each location

Administrative Volunteers - Assist with scheduling appointments for clients and answering general inquiries from the community. This position can be done from home!

Craft Volunteer -  sew, knit and/or assemble items for fundraising and outreach purposes

While the latter aren't "cat-adjacent" positions, all volunteers are welcome to stop by the clinic whenever we're in operation to spend time among the cats. Just ask!

For more information about becoming a volunteer, please email us at


Being a Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project board member is an exciting opportunity for those who have a passion for our mission as well as the time, skills and expertise to contribute in a way that maintains the excellence and integrity that have characterized FCSNP since its inception.  If you would like more information about becoming a board member, please email Sandy Willis, DVM, Board President, at